Molecule styling

There are a number of ways to configure how inline molecules are presented (see description of parameters).  Here are some examples:

  • [molecule name="normal"]
  • [molecule name="shrunk" scale="15"]
  • [molecule name="monochrome" scheme="bow"]
  • [molecule name="complex"]
  • [molecule name="rotate -60" rotate="-60"]
  • [molecule name="invert" invert="true"]
  • [molecule name="simple"]
  • [molecule name="padding" padding="20"]
  • [molecule name="square/black" border="#000000" radius="0"]
  • [molecule name="green" background="#80FF80"]
  • [molecule name="gradient" background="#47D5D2,#008FD1" scheme="wob"]
  • [molecule name="narrow" width="30"]
  • [molecule name="squat" height="30"]
  • [molecule name="widebox" box="80,50"]

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